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Casting Shadow; Finding the Tools to Groove

Updated: Jan 7

Yeah, I made the dreaded open letter. So you know it's a literary rollercoaster. I wrote the letter while embraced in the energies and moods of the winter solstice. This format was the best way to have a lighthearted deep dive into how I feel about celebrity culture and share in my journey of finding wonders that resonate with me. Grab your snacks, drink, smokes and dive in.

To Who It May Concern,

Watching gods worship mere mortals. Praising the beast among us. Those who have been bred and zoo'd, controlled to do the bidding of those who have named themselves powerful. And to what end goal? The legacy of the gods of celebrity culture are the ones that end up in the history books massa writes for the masses. Do you think it's you who've esteemed these people? You think it's your opinion, your fandom, your love that lifts these celebrities up? No, it is the 1% who siphon off your energy that's directed towards your favorite star. They feed off your dollars, your voice, your love, your frustrations. And you get nothing in return but short unsustainable dopamine fixes. A 5 minute high. And not even an intimate high. You do not know these people and they do not know you. "People". Hmmph... That hits hard. Because they're just enough smoke and mirrors for these paid politicians, celebrity actors, branded athletics to appear like tangible beings. But in reality, yes, reality. Because the world we see advertised to us is not, they are just the creations of their rulers. And the only way to weaken those who try to rule over us is limiting their source of power. There's more here to be said about the construct and energy exchange of consumer and consumed. The celebrity that makes you feel big when they win and deflated when they lose; and the billionaires that feeds. But that is not where my ministry lays. I have moved on from the ones that get stuck on these planes of existence. I lay them to rest, and take honor and solace that THEIR reality will make this time palpable, doable, comfortable. I am glad, satisfied in what dreams we've shared and those we brought to reality. However, I must follow the path that's set out for me, I don't know if this journey has a last stop. But I do know these next twist and turns, I will bobsled with confidence. Feeling every groove with my body, putting my mind to ease. See, that's the thing living in the fabricated status quo. There's no groove line, no pocket to settle in. Swaying our bodies, putting our collective consciousness at ease. Is there a gathering of our minds, and controlling our bodies? Yes, but with no satisfaction, no balm. So you see, that's why I must go. I must continue to find those who can tap into the underlying frequencies of home and other worlds with me. Collecting our souls to meet up together as one. The groove.. and I mean like the indent, the deep recesses that allows your river to flow. When was the last time you even fell in the flow? The last time you grooved to life? Do you hear it? Do you ever feel it? Taste it? How do you come to see it? I cannot answer those questions or be the answer for you. I love you. You have served me well. I pray I have served you. My power now belongs to just me. It is not that I leaving you powerless. I promise. All that has made you up into this point will always be enough to sustain you. I leave you with the utensils needed for that reality. You won't be sad, you won't know the tools that I have taken for myself. My bag is too big for here. This is why I must continue to go. My tools confuse that world. So I must go to those who have the build out, the blueprint for the out of bounds. I love who you are. I love who you be.

With all my being,


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