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🕷️🪰The Spider and The Fly

Updated: Jul 31, 2023

I sometimes think back, pondering the first time I adjusted my identity to fit into my surroundings. I distinctly remember it took me a bit longer to assimilate compared to my peers. I noticed it mostly in school, and my mom even recounts how my teachers expressed concern as early as preschool. While my classmates were playing, trying to form words with toy letters, I took those very letters to the pretend kitchen. There, I cooked up a delicious pot of alphabet soup! It's not that I lacked the ability; quite the opposite. At home, my parents and older siblings had already taught me most academic things before school even got to those lessons. I just couldn't grasp the fascination with making spelling words during playtime. Yes, I knew letters turned into words, but they also made a mean soup! Besides, even as a young one I knew there's a joke there about "eating one's words," ya know? As I grew older, I came to realize that my creative quirkiness made those in authority uncomfortable and, at times, even perturbed. So, I decided to adapt to my environment. It didn't happen instantly; it took a lot of time and research to learn how to mimic those around me who were deemed to "have it together." Eventually, though, I think I got the hang of it, at least in the outside world. (At home and in my own inner world, that's a whole different story! To this day, my close friends, family, and anyone I've ever lived with know that my worlds are vibrant, creative, eccentric, and out of this galaxy, hopefully just like when I was a youngster.) I am immensely grateful to my family for giving me the space at home to spread my wings. Unfortunately, it was also at it was right outside my home, out the door that housed my refuge, that I first experienced frustration, and what felt like outright disdain. While leaving that same home, my sanctuary, I heard these dreaded words, "you better not do that out in public, somebody's gonna think something's wrong with you." Yikes! I remember it now! It was the first time I was essentially told to act "normal." Ugh, I almost hate that word now, "normal." The way most people spoke it to me, it seemed like something I should strive for, work at. But how could I, when the concept of "normal" seemed so chaotic to me? If that's the norm, why should I have to put in effort? Aren't I just being a human?

What's normal to the spider is chaos to the fly.

I do wonder if it's when the fly finally stops fighting against the spider's intricately designed home kitchen, does it think it's finally blending in. I wonder if it thinks it has become normal enough for it's environment. But we know, it's then when the fly's short lifespan gets even shorter. Unfortunately, while it delights the spider, the fly's adaptation to the pace of its environment ultimately leads to being devoured. Do you think spiders wonder when their freshly caught prey will finally get with the program and calm down? Does the spider think, "if this fly stopped acting weird, then we can finally eat"? Of course, some might argue that such small critters don't have the ability to ponder that deeply, I would disagree. But do I know?

The sky is gearing up for some significant transits over the next few months, well into the fall and winter. The previous new moon gave us a glimpse into our inner world with curiosity, shedding light on what lies within. As we look ahead to the upcoming new moon in Leo, get ready for a spotlight to illuminate the parts different parts of our inner being. And it won't just be the moon; other planets moving through this constellation will make it a truly radiant and regal time. The loud and bright energy of Leo, with planets like Mercury, Venus, and Mars in tow, will beckon us to peer into the dark cobwebbed corners, open the junk drawers, and rehash conversations. Over the next few months, we'll have the incredible opportunity to extract the parts of ourselves that have been tucked away in the shadows and present them to the outside world. So many of us have learned or chosen to adapt ourselves to fit into our environment. But what if we were meant to stand out? And I get it; sometimes we have to adapt depending on the arena, like in the professional, social, familiar, or religious settings. Maybe the adaptation was due to shame, protection, or a blend of unseen forces (which I've named for myself: patriarchy, white-bodied supremacy, and capitalism). As these major planets traverse through Leo, we have a chance to examine these aspects of ourselves more closely. And honestly, whether we decide to or not, the spotlight will what it's come to do. But oh, what a special time for us, the collective! It's an opportunity to uncover buried treasure, experiment with different facets of ourselves, and decide how we take the stage.

So, let's ask ourselves some questions in the coming months:

🌟 What style, activity, hobby, special interest, or even personality trait did you have to stow away to fit the status quo?

💭 Do you want to revive these parts of you?

🔍 Do you know how to safely retrieve them or where they even lie within?

🌌 What areas of your inner world have you not had the full space to evolve?

🌟 And, even deeper, who gives you the room and space to do so?

🌈 Are you surrounded by people who allow you to present different parts of yourself with curiosity, comfort, and safety?

These questions might not have immediate thought-out answers, but we have the time over the next few months to get intimate with ourselves. As these galactic events unfold, I extend my services to support you on your quest. To connect with Spirit, meditation can guide you in quieting the noise around you, allowing you to delve deeper into your inner world. With cartomancy, together we can uncover hidden insights and tap into the wisdom of the cards to confirm what the light of these transits has shown you. If you seek guidance and inspiration, then I'm here to read scriptures, lyrics, poems or whatever ballad that resonate with your soul, providing comfort and clarity. As an empathetic listener, I can offer a safe space where you can freely explore every part of yourself without judgment. For your physical vessel, I got just the right tools to pamper and nurture your body. Body oils and lubricants, providing a soothing and rejuvenating experience that leaves you feeling refreshed and revitalized. These elixirs are designed to caress your skin, enveloping you in a cocoon of comfort and care. And when it comes to nourishing your soul, explore the enchanting world of teas, tinctures, and smoking herbs. Allow these potent potions to work their magic, bringing tranquility or invigoration to your being, depending on what your soul needs. Whether it's a moment of serenity or a burst of energy, these natural remedies cater to your unique needs, aligning with the rhythm of your body.

Let's meet one another wherever we are. This is a sacred and transformative process, and having people to walk alongside you can make all the difference. So, if you're ready to embark on this journey of authenticity and gear up to show out, I invite you to reach out, and let's begin this transformative exploration together. Let the stars and planets guide you as we uncover the depths of your being and celebrate the magnificent being that you are. Thank you for being a part of this community of self-discovery and personal growth. Together, let's embrace our quirks, our creativity, and our authentic selves. The universe is calling, and it's time to answer with a resounding "yes" to the adventures that await.

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