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The Potential is in The Heavens; Awaken Your Inner Sanctuary

Updated: Jul 19, 2023

The girl can leave the church but the church can't leave the girl. Or something like that. I spent some time with the elders in my family recently, and of course good ol gospel music is going to play at some point.

The concept of our bodies being the house, the church, the temple, the place of the inner sanctum is one that I still stand firm in. I enjoy seeing my body as a place where the Divine resides. And I mean from the bottom of my foot to the end of the longest strand of hair, the Creator is intricately wrapped up in every fiber of my being. I believe the same source that created me, also created the heavens. Come with me, so we can take a look at the sky together.

Every cluster of stars, coined as constellations, give off their own sound, frequency. Those energies play apart not just in the world around us but in our bodies. Just as our moon pulls on the currents, our bodies, made of mostly water, flows as the skies above dance. Since ancient times people have observed how the heavens above determine the movement on Earth. Check this article for one explanation:

Today as I type this out, the moon has turned dark, and is on it's usually path in front of the sun, as they both line up in sequence with the cluster of celestial bodies known as Cancer. Over thousands and thousands of years, across the world, the constellation, that we know as Cancer here in the US, has been observed to potentially display certain behaviors and invoke certain feelings. Cancer has come to symbolize the moon, water, motherhood, depth, beauty, nuture, emotions, home, empathy, and perceptiveness. At this time of the new moon, the world around tends to settle, our pets are calmer, and the soil holds on to moisture giving extra security and nutrients to the plants. And we also can be pulled into this attitude. Remember, to make a new moon, the sun and moon must be in tandem, further strengthening this frequency.

Just like the other beings in the sky, the sun has its own energy. And it is when our Sun rises that most things on Earth wake up. With this dance on today, the world around us is still but yet illuminated. And we too can tap into this current. This is the time where we can take the opportunity to sit still and see what is inside. This energy allows us to take stock of what is in our home, and further.... to see what is in our inner sanctuary AND then wake that shit up! Now, here comes the part of how to wake it up. Personally, it took me some time to learn how to take stock of what is going on in my body. I'm quick to try to define a thing, and start writing out a plan, thinking I must get to it immediately. But here are some suggestions on how to wake and observe; how to see clearly and discern. And what a wonderful time it is now to use the energy around us.

  • Self reflect. Take the time to meditate. Let the thoughts fade away, reflect on how your body feels.

  • Emotional cleanse. Take time to see what in your emotional space you want to declutter. Acknowledge those things that no longer serve you. And then make space in your inner world. Journal, meditate, cry, dance, sing, scream, draw, paint. Release.

  • Create a sacred space. To bring emotional cleansing in to the physical world. Designate a space in your home for your personal sanctuary. Make it cozy and comfortable. A place for you to come home to yourself.

  • Nuture yourself. Eat a good meal, take a bath, anoint yourself with oils and lotions or smell goods, take a walk in nature, read a good book, touch on yourself, talk good to yourself, or just bask in the sun. Show yourself how wonderful you are.

  • Protect yourself. What activities and energy bring good feelings and enjoyment? What does it feel like in your body when things arise that contradict your inner home?

  • Embrace your emotions. Yes, all of them. Sit with yourself, inside and out with no judgement or explanation.

The collective energy allows us to consider how we invite ourselves to our own inner sanctuary. Where you can decide how you tend to yourself and find solace. Use this time to examine every fiber of your being, with nurturing love, compassion, and intent. If you ever find that you need help exploring your inner world, reach out. Consider working with a professional, individual or group support, spiritual or religious healer, or a capable trusted confidant.

***Plant people, this is a resting time even for our gardens. The sap of the plants is concentrated to the roots, tending to the deeper inner workings. This is a good time take note of the health of what you are growing. Maybe give em a little extra fertilizer and tell them how great they're growing!

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