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Soul Alchemy: Tales of Love, Desire, Abundance

It's not that I lack words to share with yall. I continually immerse myself in the depths of various realms throughout my day, weaving those intricate connections I believe could benefit us all. Yet, it is in the communication I seem to hesitate. I sense a profound disconnection in our use of the

interwebs and social media. I pray to cultivate a more intimate sanctuary, a space where genuine dialogue thrives. I do appreciate your individual responses to the bodies of work I've shared thus far. Though still lowkey counterproductive, because I'm still engaging 2-3 hour separate multiple kikis every week! But my aim remains steadfast: to traverse this odyssey of existence alongside kindred spirits who perhaps tread a different path than the majority. ....yet, I grapple with the extent those beyond our sacred circle have access. Aaannnnd I have to remember, my greatest contribution lies in the alchemy of my craft. The kitchen serves as the conduit to my realm, a sacred portal through which I channel my essence. Presently, this sanctum is restricted. Though I have decided this disruption is inconsequential, it serve as a reminder of the potent energy invoked when I concoct the elixirs essential for sustaining our earthly journey—a force both tangible but yet exalted. Even as I navigate the ebb and flow and challenge of limited work space, my potions without its accompanying words risks losing its power, anyway. I mentioned before, the bread and butter, those who have contributed the most dollars, did not know what they wanted, who they were, nor did they have the desire for genuine communion. I could no longer accept their offerings without discernment, for they lacked the desire to understand the medicine they sought. In due course, I tenderly reshaped these alliances, preserving the integrity of my craft but, honestly, at the cost of my own heart's ache. Do you understand the essence of my message? Do you hear what I am trying to say here?

Anyway, real talk. I am also fucking living all at the same time! I am immersed in the grand existence of life that is housed in Detroit. Energy is flowing so freely, both given and received. Loves has surrounding my being. Ugh, my appetite has intensified but whenever I perceive my cup running dry, I am met by the embrace of the most wondrous people. I confess, the opportunity to replenish my soul and pour back out is ever-present and abundant. Perhaps I've embarked on a side quest, gathering arcane wisdom to enrich our collective journey. It be these diversions that nourish the soul with substances. The cusines that hold on to your love-handles to be tapped into in at a time of drought. Yall, what a wonder that this dance of existence, every step is a lesson, every moment an opportunity to absorb and evolve.

I pour my heart in such a way to say this: Thank yall that has been fucking with me thus far and I'm still putting in this work the best I can on this earthly plane. Stay tuned! 💜

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