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Mind The Gap

Some have shared with me that during their allotted meditation time, they engage in contemplation or envision something new. I understand the value of dedicating this time to unravel thoughts, searching for the precise words to express emotions or moods. However, I personally find immense value in immersing myself in the stillness of both body and mind – the space between consciousness and the unconscious. Throughout most of our waking hours, we are either processing or absorbing information and various energies in our conscious minds. During sleep, our minds primarily work independently to sort things out. Though, I do often wondered whether those who experience lucid dreaming can find that same stillness in other realms. (I'll get back to y'all on that later!) I have a deep appreciation for movement, such as dancing, skipping, climbing trees, practicing flow styles yoga, or even wrestling. Some of these activities can indeed play a role in meditation. Personally, I've found that dancing helps clear my mind and dispel excess thoughts. For many years, I've relied on physical movement to ground myself. Yet, I firmly believe in and have personally experienced the wonders of static meditation.

Now, when it comes to theatrics, you could say it's almost my middle name. Setting the stage, indulging in foreplay, crafting moments of wonder, and invoking seduction are all elements I cherish in meditation. One of the most enchanting parts of meditation for me lies in the preparation. It's about readying the atmosphere and oneself. The possibilities for embellishment are vast – from luxuriating in decorated baths to strolling through nature, from dimming the lights to spinning around in circles, or even filling the room with fragrant incense. And then, finally settling into my chair or finding a comfortable spot on the earth to commence the true spectacle: sitting perfectly still in both body and mind.

Acknowledge the gap, the in-between. Meditation is a way to journey to the realm between worlds.

Allow me to provide a simple example of a guided meditation that aims to heighten body awareness. You can access the audio through the link below. Rest assured, I always keep written transcripts on hand as well. I trust that this brief meditation will meet your needs.

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