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FAQs About My Services

Answers You Need

What kind of ingredients are used in the products?

The majority of the herbs are grown in the backyard! Any others have been hand selected from local community gardens. 

*Some scented items use 100% essentials oil. Non-scented is always available by request. 

How will I know what ingredients are in each product?

Each container is hand labeled with your exact ingredients list.

Are you looking for vegan products?

Please be mindful, products are not vegan. Ointments, oils, and candles may contain beeswax. Special requests can be accommodated.

How will I know what to do when I receive my items?

Each item come with instructions for use. Any further questions, please contact directly.

Want to help close the loop on recycling? Ask about our "Reduce. Reuse." program.

These services are not provided by a licensed psychologist or specialist healthcare professional. Services do not replace the care of other healthcare professionals.

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